Facility Request Form

Space Reservation

Important: Please note that all reservation forms have been updated. The Ford Center may only be reserved for events and activities sponsored by registered student organizations and campus departments. Not third party reservations permitted.
  • Affiliation

  • University-sponsored events will not be considered without a faculty advisor or department head listed.
  • University-sponsored events will not be considered unless an account number is listed.
  • The Ford Center does not book this facility with outside promoters or third parties. Any interest with this type of presentation must be discussed directly with the Director of the Ford Center.
  • Event Information

    Please fill in event information as completely as possible. Please include accurate dates and times of all rehearsals, set-up times, and performances. Changes in times must be approved prior to your event.
  • If expected attendance is 900-1000, you must ticket the event, even if there is no charge. Contact the UM Box Office for their contract.
  • Please tell us about the type of event you wish to hold. If you have any specific needs such as dance floors, projectors, piano usage, and other technical equipment, please list those here.
  • If ticketing an event, all sales must be coordinated through the University of Mississippi Box Office. No outside tickets will be allowed, and your event is subject to cancellation should alternate tickets be presented. Please contact Jennifer Pardoe at (662) 915-7412 if you wish to charge admission for your event. Ticketing fees will apply.
  • The Ford Center has volunteer ushers who can distribute these at no additional charge.
  • The Ford Center does not schedule events on home football weekends or during official University holidays. Please check the University calendar accordingly before choosing your date.
  • This is the time your event will actually begin. We understand that plans may change, but we ask that you please communicate any time changes well in advance, so that we may plan accordingly. Your event is subject to cancellation if a last-minute time change occurs.
  • Please list the time you expect your event to end.
  • Please list the earliest possible time that you would need access to set-up for your event.
  • Please note the rehearsals incur additional labor and facility charges.
  • For example, 1-3 pm or 7-9 pm.
  • The Ford Center has two primary spaces for events. The Main Hall seats up to 1100. No food or drink beyond water is permitted in the Main Hall. The Studio Theatre seats up to 120. Food and drink is allowed in the Studio Theatre. If you would like to hold a reception after the event, those are normally hosted in our lobby. Please call to make arrangements.
  • Choose any that apply.