Celebrating the Arts Campaign

Ford Center Forward: Securing the Future of the Arts

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Celebrating the Arts 

Capital Campaign
for the
Ford Center for the Performing Arts

The Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts is embarking on a capital campaign to build an endowment as part of its strategic plan Ford Center Forward: Securing the Future  of the Arts. The endowment will create a reliable funding source to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Ford Center and provide the means to continue and expand the variety and diversity of performances, incubate and produce Arts programs, and establish the Ford Center as an Arts leader in the region.

 “I think the arts, whether you do them professionally or whether you do them just to appreciate the artist within you, are something that are essential to the human spirit.”

Gerald McRaney
Celebrity Spokesperson for the Capital Campaign

Celebrate the Arts and Honor Friends and Family

The Gertrude C. Ford Center has commissioned an original donor recognition tree sculpture from Sanford Werfel Studios, hand carved and signed by artist Richard Teller. The solid bronze grove of trees will be on permanent display in the lobby near the entrance to the Sam and Mary Haskell Theatre. Three mighty tree trunks support full foliage honoring supporters of the Arts in Oxford. The center trunk represents the Muse of Music and features Gertrude C. Ford rising from the roots with her violin; a rose lies at her feet. The other two trunks hold figures representing the Muses of Drama and Dance. The trees have 750 donor-recognition leaves in engraver’s brass gold. Nestled among the leaves are various size boughs and on the ground, golden acorns complete the grove ensuring future trees.

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Bough $20,000-$30,000
Golden Acorn $10,000 (only 1 available)
Leaf $1,000

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